Imperial Information Desk
Issue 111
New Citizens Welcomed [March 29]:
Aerica Welcomes Isista, Tuku Tut, Joe Jack, Duke Nukem, Sir Retardo, Seven Of Nine, Golden Jay, Lucas Mitre Paio, Dr. Lance Mckickass, Megan Sanders, Jake Dahn, Volucris, Charlie Marquardt, Sheala, Lence Transell, Kyle MacPherson, Tião Jiraiya, Richard Lyon, Jamie Wilson, Qual Es Tunombre, Joshua Arnold, Derek McIntosh, Francesco D'Angelo, Superbear, The CHIEF, Will Grey, Bob, Apophis "the box-smasher" Eropantsu, Leriel, Tomasz Cymes, and Professor Helicopter.

New Diplomatic Contacts [March 27]:
Aerica has extended full diplomatic recognition to The Scarlet Sun Empire, Waterland, and The Empire of Jaconia.

More Royal Family Updates [March 26]
Michael N. Mazur has officially been crowned Figurehead King. Long log-in the king!

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day Music Festival [March 22]
Song submissions have been posted, and judging has begun. Read all about it here.

Royal Family Updates: [March 6]
The new Figurehead Royal Family is actively being built.
RadSquirrel, Princess Squirrel
Bethanie, Princess of the Inquistion and Videogames
Amy Sullivan, Princess of Little People
Kayleigh Stratton, Princess and also Fairly Decent Musician
Ravengirl, Princess of the skeletons in the closets
Wee Willie, Princess Known As Loretta
Gabriel Stratton, Prince
Michael Sullivan, Prince S
Garlan, Knight of the Eastern Calculus and King's Knight
Bernard Siebens, Knight of the Unknown Order
Michael Sullivan, Little People Princess's Knight
Brian Grimwood, Count of Letters and Non-mathematical Values and Queen's Knight
Elias Herring, Royal Babysitter and Knight of the Order of the Potassium Fist
Flynn duMartier, Assistant Lady Knight Protectress
Rachkovsky, The Imperial Shire Reeve, The King's High Bailiff of all the bailiwicks, Constable of calcium lignosulphonate, and 156.5 In line of Peerage
Jing Li, Princess' Knightess
Barbara L. Johnson-Haddad, Knight of Shadows/Royal Assassin
Wee Willie, Herald
Anthony Newton, Court Jester
Sir Retardo, Secretary of Blob Affairs
Marjan Peternel, King's Evil Power-Craving Half-Brother
Duke of Dykesville, Official Royal Peon
Josh Hickman, Knight of Corporate Inaction and Duke of Squishy Feelings
The position of King remains hotly contested.

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