Imperial Information Desk
Issue 110
New Citizens Welcomed [February 24]:
Aerica Welcomes Sylvia, Megaparsec, David Botkin, Bradley Evans, Victor Ding, Josh Hickman, Evan Szymczak, Daniel Scott, João Resende, Deus, Yulia Ivanova, Ara K Nomancer, Kayleigh Stratton, Gabriel Stratton, Henry Chinaski, Baron Viscount Van Rossi, Captain McThunderballs, Julia Sarah O'Hare, SARSUH, Captain EvilOne, Kyle Thomas, Al As Dee, Diagoras, Daf Griffiths, Yuge Recreant, Jaymz Stevens, Ian Sandwich, Liam Moore, Michael Tyson, Marjan Peternel, Curses, Hector Velez, Thomas Haugh, Clement Jardin, and Anders Croy.

Royal Family Updates: [February 7]
After an extended delay, the Figurehead Royal Family is once more under active revision by the Senate. The website has been moved from Geocities to being hosted on the Empire's main website, and empty positions in the Family and Royal Court will soon be filled.

Holidays and Niftydays:

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