On February 1st, 2008, Wireless Flash News Inc. ran a brief piece about the Empire, focusing particularly on Silinism.

Author: Andrea Verdin
Article Date: Friday February 1, 2008
Copyright: Wireless Flash News Inc.

Penguin Worship Leads To Peace
MONTREAL, Canada (Wireless Flash) -- Nothing brings peace like worshipping a penguin.

The Aerican Empire is a micronation consisting of territories across the universe, including $20 worth of land on Mars, a small section in a New Zealand public park, and an imaginary planet called Verden.

Emperor Eric Lis believes that "Silinism," the national religion, is a great example of how religion should be followed because it involves worship of a pseudo-divine penguin, and calls on a "smack on the head" to settle any wars and arguments followers may have.

Lis says, "I grew up around people saying lovely prayers to God and not meaning a word of what they said, so we figured, why not enjoy one's self and find enlightenment in a customized God?"

For more info, check out aericanempire.com.

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