The History of Earth
In the earliest days of the Empire, when its land claims consisted mostly of fictional planets, its territories were never traditionally divided into colonies. It was only after 1997 that the Imperial government began to truly organize its lands, and the declaration of Mars Colony marked the start of the Empire's true colonial era. It could be argued, though, that since the territory that would come to be known as Earth have remained unchanged since the Empire's earliest days, Earth was truly the Empire's first claim. This is supported by the fact that many of the first citizens ever to join the Empire would come to live in Earth, even as "funnier" colonies came to be accepted. It is with tremendous pride that, today, Earthlings throughout the Empire membership in the Empire's oldest and finest realm.

Significant historical events:
May 8th, 1987: The Aerican Empire is founded within the borders of what would one day officially become known as "Earth."
September 1997: Imperial diplomats welcome the first ambarssadors from other micronations to Earth.
July 1998: With the acceptance of Mars Colony as a part of the Empire, the original land of the Empire is first referred to as "Earth Colony" and, later, simply "Earth."
August 1st, 2000: The Imperial headquarters within the borders of Earth are referred to as the Aerican Embassy To Everything Else for the first time on record.
May 8th, 2009: Earth at last receives its own private area of webspace and lays the groundwork for the foundation of its own government.
June 10th, 2009: Geof Denn becomes the first citizen to hold the title of Governor of Earth.

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