The Declaration of Government of Earth
We, the people of Earth, proud citizens of the Aerican Empire, do with this document set forth the rules and regulations of our local government. We recognise that the laws of the Empire can and do supresede the laws of Earth whenever these laws conflict unless specifically legislated otherwise by the Imperial Senate.

We, the people of Earth, embrace the principle of direct democracy. We recognize that it may yet come to pass that one day we are too numerous and too disorganized for this system to work, but until that day, we will glory in our ability to truly form a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, without a line of elected officials blocking the access of the people to their leader. We proclaim in one mighty voice that, when in doubt, we shall be ruled by the majority voice. We recognize that there may come a day when our majority is not wise enough nor intelligent enough to be trusted with this responsibility, but until that day, we will bask in our ability to find self-determination in the will of those who think before they vote.

The ruler of Earth shall be known as the Governor. The Governor shall be chosen by vote of the whole of Earth's population voting, with the winner being the candidate for whom the largest number of non-abstention votes are cast. The Governor must be elected from the population of Earth and may not be held by a current Senator unless that individual obtains greater than sixty-six percent of the popular vote. The Governor may create additional governmental posts including ministers as he or she sees necessary. No one who has been a citizen for less than six months may be considered a candidate for Governor.

The government of Earth shall have the power to:

The government shall not have the power to

Laws passed by the government of Earth shall under no circumstances be considered binding to the citizens of any other colony within the Empire unless those citizens are within territory which is claimed by Earth and no other Imperial colony.

The Governor may be removed from power by a petition signed by no less than 66% of the population of Earth. If such a petition presented to the Governor, the Governor shall have no more than one week in which to step down, whereupon the people may begin to vote for a new ruler.

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